As an organization that has been dedicated to improving the lives of all women in our nation for more than a century, we at the YWCA USA are proud of the role we have played in voter education efforts.

This election season is critical to the well-being of women, girls and people of color. To help our associations in our get-out-the-vote and voter education efforts, the YWCA is proud to launch the 2012 YWCAvote.org.

During this election year, our vote counts now more than ever.

Fearless Alone; Stronger Together! 

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Some exempted from minimum wage, increased or not
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Some low-paid workers won't benefit even if a long-shot Democratic proposal to raise the federal minimum wage becomes law....
Energy state Dems in Senate races split from Obama
CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) -- Scrapping to keep a West Virginia Senate seat Democratic in a state that's sprinted to the right, Natalie Tennant is counting on her allegiance to the coal industry to separate herself from an unpopular President Barack Obama....
US readies sanctions on Russia, aid for Ukraine
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration is preparing to ratchet up sanctions on Russia and boost assistance for the Ukrainian military in the coming days, U.S. officials said Wednesday, as Ukraine struggles to contain a pro-Russian uprising in its eastern cities....


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