How to Hold a Candidate Forum

Being informed about where candidates stand on issues that impact you directly, and your community at large, is an important part of the voting process. Although it may seem easier to vote along party lines, it is important to learn about each candidate’s stance on issues that matter to you, as well as how that candidate plans to address the various concerns you have. You may find that many of these stances impact everyone differently.

For traditionally marginalized communities, such as women and communities of color, it is critical to not only educate yourself about how each candidate’s platform will affect your life, but whether the candidates are taking your unique concerns and issues as a constituent into consideration when creating their platforms.

One way to become informed about each candidates platform is to host candidate forums, or by hosting debate watching parties, where you are able to create a safe space to watch, learn, and engage in a discussion with others about the numerous issues brought up in the debates.

Hosting a Candidate Forum is easy! Download our quick guide for setting up a Candidate Forum/Debate Watching Party.

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